Pet Nutrition

All it takes is a visit to a pet supply store to be bombarded with pet food recommendations. By 2007, the pet food industry had exploded into a 16 billion-dollar yearly industry in the US market alone. Some foods are touted to have special properties rendering them superior, while other foods are frowned upon. Recommendations vary from store to store. Nutritional hype is everywhere. Unfortunately, much of this advice is not based on evidence.

Dr. Bryant works with each patient and evaluates current diet.  She makes recommendations based on age, medical status, and breed.  She recommends all-natural and holistic diets as much as possible.  If the pet’s medical condition(s) require a highly specific diet that is not available from a holistic manufacturer, she will obtain a prescription diet for the pet.  Dr. Bryant keeps up-to-date on pet food options in all scopes of need for cats and dogs.

Dr. Bryant is happy to assist clients who want to feed a raw diet. She will make sure that the client understands the precautions necessary to safely handle the food for both the pet and the family’s health.